I hope you’ll forgive the slightly self-congratulatory post, but my day started off nicely today; waking up to a notification that one of our shots had been chosen by the excellent fstoppers.com as Photo Of The Day. This was a very pleasant surprise, as there’s no submission or voting process for this; I uploaded […]

Stop the press – Rephocus Imaging are pleased and proud to announce a new addition to the team here, bringing with him new services, skills and specialisations. Experienced and talented illustration and graphic design specialist Greg Wade will now be on hand to help you realise your brand’s image potential, […]

The furore surrounding calls for advertising legislation to restrict the use of Photoshop to create impossibly thin models with catastrophically deformed physiques and brutally contorted postures is far from a new phenomenon. Artificial augmentation of models’ appearances has been going on since the dawn of time – often with scant regard […]

It was with great interest that I viewed a recent video posted by Buzzfeed in which four women reacted to being given a professional photoshoot, and extreme makeover via Photoshop. Their unanimous reaction was that they preferred the original “before” photographs, straight out of the camera, showing them as they’d […]

There are a number of reasons for which an individual may choose to use Photoshop or [insert favoured photo editing software here] to edit or manipulate the photos from their camera, and its use is often subject to fierce debate and controversy. A brief history of fake photo controversies National […]

Rephocus Imaging’s popular series of Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge and Quayside artworks are now available as premium quality prints. Looking for the ideal Christmas gift for your friends in the North East of England? Look no further; our artworks are available as prints in the following formats; Paper Prints: Premium giclée prints […]

Here at Rephocus Imaging, we paint, sketch, draw, spray or scribble every piece of custom photo-to-artwork we produce. Using your photos as a reference and your specifications as direction, we can produce distinctive examples of eye-catching hand drawn artwork that make a great gift or display piece, with imagination being […]