How It Works

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If you have photos, whether prints or digital, and aren’t convinced they are looking the best they can, then Rephocus Imaging can help. We’ll work to your specification to retouch, rework, restore or reimagine your pictures to give you a final result you can display with pride, whether as a canvas, a framed print, in albums or simply in an online portfolio.

You’ll retain all copyright to the original work and we won’t display your photos anywhere unless given specific permission to do so. If you’re unhappy with our retouching for any reason, we offer one round of free revisions to apply your wishes to the photo and give you the outcome you desire.

We’ll send you low-resolution, watermarked versions of our work until you’re happy with the end result – we’ll then send an invoice to be paid via our preferred payment method, PayPal (we can also accommodate cheque and BACS payments in some cases). As soon as payment clears, you’ll receive your final, high resolution, print and display-ready files via email. In the case of large orders and file sizes, we may need to send these via Dropbox or WeTransfer – don’t worry, it’s easy – and we’ll send you an email notification with full instructions on how to access your files.

So how do you turn the photos you have into the photos you wanted?

Send us your pics, in any of the below formats;

  •  JPG, GIF, PNG photos
  • RAW Image Format (NEF, CR2, DNG, etc)
  •  TIFF and PSD files

Contact us here before sending prints. Don’t worry, we’ll handle your precious photos with extreme care and return them to you as soon as we’re finished working with them.

Please note: The higher the resolution of the file you send, the better the results will be. RAW Image formats will yield the best possible results, followed by TIFF. If you intend to print the final photos, the photos you send should be in minimum 300dpi resolution to create the best quality file for print.

To send us your files, simply head to this page and we’ll get working on them as soon as we receive them.