Custom Design

Want a custom sketch, watercolour or oil painting of a treasured pet, your favourite actor or a loved one? Photomanipulation of an ethereal scene?

You’ve come to the right place. Rephocus Imaging promise a unique artistic result, working to your specification and satisfaction. Sure to make a great gift.

Don’t be fooled by pale imitations who will charge you to paste your photo into Photoshop and run the Sketch or Oil Painting automated filters. These filters are great for a quick 5-minute mockup but don’t result in eyecatching and distinctive artwork. Rephocus Imaging paint or draw every image from scratch, using your photo as a reference, to create stunning artworks with a distinguishing hand-made appeal.

See this post for some insight into our custom design / photo painting process.

Rephocus Imaging can perform any of the below custom design services:

  • Photo to painting:

    Oil or watercolour, landscape, portrait or pet, we can produce a digital painting with a handmade flourish.

  • Photo to sketch:

    Alternatively, we can create a traditional-style sketch from your photo

  • Bespoke design services:

    Flyer, poster or graphic design, from your photos or to your specification.

  • …and many more. Contact us to discuss.

Please explore the gallery below for examples of our work.