Photo Restoration

Old photos, posters, postcards, drawings and paintings can be a source of cherished memories for many people – but what to do when the fragile papers don’t last the test of time?

For many, that single hard copy of their image is the only copy that they have, and if it gets damaged, it’s gone forever.

Our photo restoration services can help you keep your mementos intact.

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Move your mouse (or your finger if using a touchscreen) to see before and after. Click the arrows or pagination dots to cycle through some examples of  photo restoration by Rephocus Imaging (more examples coming soon).


Rephocus Imaging can provide the below services to make sure your favourite memories are restored to their former glories:

  • Scanning and Restoration:

    Your photos will be scanned at the highest possible quality to preserve all of the detail. Any necessary contrast and colour adjustments will be performed, and the originals will be handled with utmost care and returned securely to you.

  • Repair and Revitalise:

    Repairing of tears, creases, dust spots, scratches, folds, discolouration, fading, water damage – you name it – to restore your photos to their former lustre.

  • Colourising:

    Sensitive colour treatment of old black-and-white prints to colourise them into vivid, believable colour.

  • …and many more. Contact us to discuss.